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    SE-SF-A/B SpectraFlow Online Analyzer
    Help you to make better use of your raw material, achieve your quality targets, and reduce the dependence on laboratories!

    I. Product Summary

    Fast and accurate chemical analysis using Near-Infrared (NIR) technology is a widely-used and well-established method in the building material, metallurgical, mining, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

    By on-line monitoring and real-time controlling the powder material in the air slide, SE-SF-A can greatly improve the qualified rate of raw materials and cement. By on-line monitoring and real-time controlling the bulk material on the conveyer belt, SE-SF-B can greatly improve the utilization rate of different quality mineral materials, and reduce the raw material quality fluctuation. This product is revolutionary for cement plants to improve their cement quality!

    SE-SF-A Exterior Design
    SE-SF-A Internal Structure
    II. Main components 
    Core Component: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer.

    Fully Automatic Cooling/Heating System (for controlling temperature of spectrometer and control cabinet)

    Control Cabinet (including IPC and high stable power supply for light source)

    Halogen Light Spots (as light source)

    White Reference Board (for zero aligning of the Analyzer due to replacement of the light source)

    Alumina Cone (for dust and stray light protection) with service entrance (enables easy access to light source)

    PC (To provide interfaces for data analysis and user communication)

    Pneumatic Flapper Valve (for SE-SF-A, to protect the analyzer against pollution due to overpressure or back draft in the air slide)

    Proportioning PC (including Quality Control System)

    Mounting frame (for SE-SF- B), external wiring & cabling and network to the computer console should be provided by customers.
    SE-SF-B Exterior Design
    SE-SF-B Internal Structure
    III. Product Benefits
    No hazardous radiation material is used (no import and storage permits needed). The analyzer is easy to be transported, to be installed, and convenient for commissioning and maintenance.  
    Very low maintenance cost. SE-SF-A type only takes 4 lamps per year. SE-SF-B takes 16 lamps per year. No special skilled people for maintenance required.
    Low analyzer maintenance: cleaning light source with compressed air (max twice a month), replacing the light source (max twice a year), and reference procedure (max four times a year)
    The light source cleaning and replacement and white reference procedure is very easy, safe and reliable.
    The measuring is stable (no drift). Measuring of water content is available, so the measuring will not affected by humidity.
    The measuring is independent of variation of belt load.
    No recalibration of the analyzer due to the stable light source and high stable spectrometer.
    Real time control of the material input to the raw or cement mills. Higher qualified rate of the raw meal or cement.
    Better and longer use of the quarry/mine resp. raw materials.
    Elimination or high reduction of the sampling work after the raw or cement mills.
    Increasing the lifetime of the XRF equipment in the laboratory.
    Power saving, and reduction of the homogenizing system.
    Remote monitoring and service.
    IV. Performance Parameters
    Scan frequency of analyzer:
    32ms (at 16 cm-1 resolution)
    Operating stability of the analyzer:
                  - Wavenumber repeatability:
    +/- 0.008cm-1
    - Baseline stability:
    0.1%,two consecutive scanning between 4000cm-1 and 8000cm-1
    This means the analyzer is extremely stable. Its calibration can be directly used and does not need to be verified via static tests.
    Measuring time of the analyzer:
    1 minute (average over 128 scans).
    Increase of measuring time possible but not necessary as accuracy of 1 minute result very stable.
    Measure chemical concentrations of up to 12 different constituents AT THE SAME TIME.
    Manage up to 40 groups of analysis data AT THE SAME TIME.
    Power: 220V AC/ 50HZ/ 16A
    Compressed Air: 6Bar/max. 860L/min
    Net weight:
    150 Kg (SE-SF-A), 180kg (SE-SF-B)
    850*760*1020mm (SE-SF-A)
    1800*1500*1230mm (SE-SF-B)
    V. Interfaces
    ·4-20 mA

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