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    SE-01 Distributed Control System (DCS)
    I. Product Summary

    The production process in 21st century is has set a higher standard for control system in terms of reliability, computing capability, flexibility, openness, control and monitor level and prices. Faced with these challenges, we cooperated with world-known companies and developed the new generation of DCS to meet the customers’ needs about control scale and level.

    II. Features

    The System is integrated with state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing technology, computer technology, network communication, proficubs technology, graphic processing technology and automatic control theory.

    The System is completely open, with great compatibility.

    The equipment and technology are integrated by programmable controller and profibus.

    The System  is flexible and modularized, open to extension.  

    The System is equipped with powerful software which makes programming and configuration easy and practical.

    The System’s interface is rich in content, providing better monitoring and management.

    According to features of specific construction and customers’ need, we can provide low-cost and high-performance system solutions with products from well-known companies, including Siemens, ABB, Schneider, AB and Mitsubishi.

    III. System Composition

    (1) Control center and engineering station
        Computer of well-known brand
        Large screen LED
        color ink-jet printer, 600×600dpi
        UPS power
        Control panel
        Windows OS and industrial control application

    (2) Field station
        CPU, power module
        I/O module, communication module, etc.
        Control cabinet

    (3) 100Mbps industrial Ethernet

    (4) Standard Profibus

    IV. Performance

    Operation tips
    Data collection and processing on site
    Sequential control
    Loop control
    Information exchange and communication
    Real-time data display of process variable
    Display and record of tendency
    Monitoring operation status
    Self-diagnosis and malfunction alarm
    Processing, recording, printing and tabulation of equipment and production information
    Online configuration
    Access to production and distribution management system
    V. Services

    We regard customers as  our priority. Based on the characteristics of DCS, we provide comprehensive service covering the whole process of factory construction and production, making sure that customers will receive the maximum benefit from our DCS products. 

        Technical advisory and initial service for initial options and project design
        Equipment purchase and integrated manufacturing
        On-site installation guidance
        Programming and configuration
        Off/on line debugging
        On-site production operation service
        Complete and comprehensive blueprint, operation and maintenance manual and programming file
        Operation and maintenance training

    Control Center

    Field Station

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