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    SE-ZSLP Conditioning Tower Automatic Spraying System
    I. Product Summary

    Basing on years of practice and experience, we developed the new generation of low-voltage DC spray system. Compared to the old high-voltage reflux spray system, the new system has overcome problems like wet base-plate and high power consumption. Suitable for construction of new cement factory and reconstruction of old ones, the new system is highly stable and reliable,  energy-saving, and easy for maintenance, assuring that the gas in the electrostatic precipitator will be tempered to the suitable condition.

    II. System Contracture and Features

    This system consists of two sub-system: water system and electric system. The water system includes water tank, water pump, buffer, vertical water supply pipe and annular pipe (normally the equipment and material mentioned above are prepared by the customers), and we will provide spray guns, ball valves, rubber tube, connections, etc. The electric system includes electric control cabinet and thermal resister for thermometry provided by us.

    ◇ The angle of ceramic atomization nozzles can reach 90-110°, with various apertures. Ceramic nozzles are wear-resisting and have a long lifetime, and can well atomize water even under pressure of 1.1Mpa.
    ◇ The pump motor is controlled by high-quality transducer, it can adjust water consumption according to different situations, making sure that the power consumption stays low while dusty gas is properly cooled, moisturized and tempered.
    ◇ Developed by state-of-the-art automatic control technology, the electric control cabinet will monitor and adjust the temperature of the conditioning tower exit by PID.


    3. SE-ZPT Wear-Resistant Ceramic Nozzle

        Our wear-resistant ceramic nozzles come in 6 sizes: 2.0mm, 2.2mm,2.4mm,2.6mm, 2.8mm and 3.0mm.

        Basing on the different processing system and water output required for tempering the dusty gas, we can provide the customers with the most suitable sizes and amount of nozzles, achieving the ideal atomization.

    4. System Performance

    ◇ Thermometer measurement range: 0~500℃
    ◇ Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃
    ◇ Thermometer intrinsic error: ±2℃
    ◇ Electric control cabinet

    Dimension: 800W×2000H×650Dmm
    Working power: AC380V、50Hz
    Pump power: 7.5~132KW
    Automatic control mode: PID

    Working condition:
        Temperature: 0~45℃
        Relative humidity: 85%
        No dust, vibration or corrosive gas 

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