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    SE-SLT Two-fluid Spraying System
    I. Product Summary

    The main function of this system is to automatically adjust the water consumption according to the temperature of gas in the kiln tail, making sure that the exit temperature is appropriate. When operating, the cooling water in the water tank goes through the filter, gets pressurized by the frequency converting pump, with its pressure and flow adjusted, then the water is sent through the pipe into the spray gun and becomes atomized particles due to the compressed air, vaporizing in the hot gas while absorbing large amount of heat, thus cooling and keeping the gas in a suitable temperature range. If the thermometer at the exit senses the gas temperature is higher than the set range, the frequency converting pump will automatically speed up under the control of PID, increasing the water flow and pressure, so that the temperature will come back to normal.  If the temperature is lower than the set value, the pump will slow down, decreasing its pressure and flow, so that the gas temperature will go up into the set range. This system is widely applied in conditioning towers or humidifying pipes in the kiln tail of cement factories, in order to control the gas quality, lower its temperature and dust specific resistance so that electrostatic precipitators can function at the optimal level.

    II. System Structure
    The system consists of four parts:

    1. Compressed air supply system, connected with compressed air source
    2. Water supply and pressurization system, comprised of accessories including vertical multilevel centrifugal pump and delicate medium voltage valve, filter, pressure regulator and magnetic valve.
    3. Atomization system on the top of conditioning tower or humidifying pipe, consisting of grouping control cabinet, annular pipe, spray gun, nozzle, high-pressure flexible tube, delicate valve and filter, etc.
    4. Closed circuit multifunction control system, consisting of monitoring meter of air and water pressure, temperature and flow, low-voltage components, transducer, PLC and touchscreen.

    III. Technical Parameters 
      Clinker Daily Output(T) Pump Motor Capacity(KW) Amount Of Spray Guns  Water Output (T/h) Lift Of Pump (Meter)
    1 1500 11 6 18 124
    2 2500 18.5 8 32 124
    3 5000 30 8 50 124

    IV. Features

    1. The system, in a compact structure, is easy to install and takes less space.
    2.  The system is highly reliable and is easy to maintain.
    3.  The system has a low spray pressure and pump power, making less noise and is energy-saving and environment-friendly.
    4. It produces fine and equally-atomized particles with high water output. The spray covers a large area, and is easy to configure.
    5. The system can be controlled manually, automatically or by center control. With its highly automation, a fully automatic regulation can be achieved.   

    V. Main Equipment

    Pump Station

    Grouping Control Cabinet

    Spray Gun

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